Nitrogen Purging Services

Nitrogen Purging Services

Nitrogen Purging is widely used in the petrochemical industries to remove clogged gases and materials from large pipes offshore. Nitrogen represents the optimum solution in terms of neutralising the pipelines, facilitating the transportation of other gases safely. It can also facilitate the maintenance of pipelines on a timely basis.

  • Nitrogen Purging Services

    Nitrogen Purging Services

    • The process of treating hazardous or challenging environments that have been subjected to highly reactive oxygen levels.
    • Nitrogen is introduced at a high pressure to reduce oxygen content within an environment and subsequently reduce the risk of explosive reactions due to the presence of hydrocarbons.
    • Supply process plants that can deconstruct and reconstruct desired environments by replacement of air (oxygen freeing) and removal of volatile fluids.
    • Vital for plant shutdowns when Oxygen levels become dangerously high.


    • Nitrogen purging can be employed during the commissioning of a process plant, or during start-ups, turnarounds or shutdowns
    • Displacement & dilution are the two most common forms of purging, depending on the configuration and design of the plant
    • Liquid nitrogen is vaporised and pumped at dew points approaching -65°C. This is ideal for drying water-sensitive process systems/pipelines
    • Pipeline maintenance, product change out or inventory displacement can be delivered safely and economically with our high-pressure, variable flow mobile pumping units


    • Process and Pipeline hydrocarbon or oxygen purging
    • LNG / LPG tank purging and drying
    • Process and Pipeline drying
    • Pipeline pigging


    • 180K Nitrogen Pump Units
    • 10ft 2000 Gallons / 8,000 Litre Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
    • 20ft 5000 Gallons / 22,000 Litre Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
  • Nitrogen Pumps/Vaporizers

    Offshore Nitrogen Pumps/Vaporizers

    We offer on-site survey assessing working conditions prior to supply.

    Fully trained and qualified team with the latest training in Pipeline Nitrogen Purging procedures and safety standards offering the most effective solution on consumables (Nitrogen, N2).

    N2/He Leak Testing Services include :

    • Pre-engineering of test packs and test procedures.
    • Consumables (N2/He gas), offshore gas equipment & manpower supply
    • Pressurisation of Systems
    • Data compilation and handover to the client.

    Service Types:

    • Nitrogen leak testing
    • Nitrogen/helium leak testing
    • Pneumatic testing
    • Air/helium leak testing
    • Air testing


    • 180K Nitrogen Pump Units
    • 10ft 2000 Gallon / 8,000 Litre Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
    • 20ft 5000 Gallon / 22,000 Litre Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
    • Large number of 16 and 64 Cylinders Gas quads/bundles @ 300 bar for Helium, Nitrogen and Helinite.
    • Nitrogen membrane productions units
    • Hand Held Mass Spectrometers


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