Ballast - Load Testing Solutions

Ballast - Load Testing Solutions

MMO now offers a range of Seaflex and Water Weights bags designed to test everything from crane load testing to flight deck elevators and from bridges to lifeboats, providing a solution for virtually marine load testing challenge. Our products, services, and associated equipment continue to evolve and change the world of load.

Designed for your requirements, delivered for immediate use

Our water-filled weights for crane load testing are available with testing capacities ranging from 1-tonne to 110-tonnes. Continued development to address today’s challenges while established in the principles of 30 years of manufacturing experience, our water-filled weights are built with high-performance structural fabrics and highly engineered for the purpose.
Each water-filled weights are manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, and qualified by Lloyds Register QA. In addition, each unit comes with a 6:1 type test certification, achieved at the TUV National Engineering Laboratory.

Why Water Weights' bags?

  • Heavy Duty Material

    Superior structural fabric elements and durable UV stabilized PVC coating.

  • Third-Party Certificates

    Highly designed, tested, and certified for purpose and delivered with all necessary documentation for all forms of marine testing solutions. Inspected and tested prior to each use.

  • Safety Factor 6:1

    6:1 safety factor verified by National Engineering Laboratory Type Test.

  • RF Seam Welding

    All RF welded seams for resilience and durability.

  • Webbing Harness 7L1 SF

    Webbing straps terminate with a single steel lifting ring.

  • Hung singly or in combinations to achieve a wide variety of loads

    Can be used singly or in clusters of 3 for loads up to 330-tonne from a single point. Multiple clusters may be used for loads in excess of 2000-tonnes.

  • Controlled filling and emptying for safety through manifold and valve systems



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