About Us

MMO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine diving equipment and services to the oil and gas industry.

MMO has multiple diverse offerings of Diving and Industrial Gases, Gas Storage Equipment, Portable Gas Filling Plants, and CNG-LNG plants and solutions to meet varied client requirements.

MMO personnel, offer substantial experience in marine engineering, hyperbaric technology, military and defence, aerospace, nuclear and chemical engineering. This experience gives us a leading edge in obtaining contracts involving the design, production, supply and maintenance of our specialised equipment. All services offered are comprehensive and tailored to suit individual client needs.

Our core expertise includes:

  • Production of new equipment for marine and petrochemical industries, including conceptual and detailed mechanical system design.
  • Mechanical system design and project management including:
    • Underwater systems and submersibles.
    • Process plant equipment, including chemical process engineering.
    • Medium, high and ultra-high-pressure systems.
    • All type of diving and industrial gases compressed up to 300 bar working pressure
    • Quads manufactured as per DNV.GL 2019 Standards
    • The world's most advanced LNG-CNG technology from Galileo, a pioneer in LNG-CNG industry for the last 30 years

We are a supplier member of IMCA (The International Marine Contractors Association), SACGA (South African Compressed Gas association) and a DNV accredited ISO 9001 company.

MMO has recently developed Life 100, the Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation System, to specifically aid African authorities in their efforts to provide mass treatment to patients across the continent who are displaying COVID-19-related symptoms.

The medical marine offshore system provides a highly cost-effective solution that can be mass produced as a light-weight, modular, and rapidly distributed alternative to other ventilator systems available.  It utilises Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) architecture, incorporating a compact gas blending and supply system that provides a therapeutic mixture of air and enriched oxygen, adjusted to the patients' requirements. The system includes an inflatable, transparent vinyl hood which is placed over the patient's head, thereby allowing them to comfortably breathe the therapeutic air.

Gas storage equipment

Leading supplier of Diving and Industrial Gases, Gas Storage Equipment, Portable Gas Filling Plants and LNG-CNG Equipment to the oil and gas industry.