• Diving & Industrial Gases

    MMO embraces best-in-class technology and follows international standards for the manufacturing of all kinds of hyperbaric chambers and diving gas related equipment. We also complete comprehensive quality checks to ensure adherence to safety requirements and guidelines across our product offerings. We deliver bespoke procurement needs while maintaining rigorous control over costs.

  • Offshore Gases - Gas Storage Equipment

    Gas storage equipment is an essential need for industrial clients. MMO offers leading solutions, focused on quality AND safety, for the storage of various types of industrial gases. We manufacture other customised sizes of Gas Quads including 9, 12, 20 and 48 combinations. All our Gas Quads are available on a sale or rental basis with an option for gas-filled Quads as per your industrial needs and requirements.

  • Onsite Filling Unit For Fabrication Gases Bottle Refilling

    MMO is the sole distributor for Galileo Technologies for the South African market. Galileo is not just a product offering, but a new concept in the LNG Industry. It supports better and more efficient distribution of gases to other industrial sources. It has a comprehensive process and solution for storing gases and distributing them in the form of CNG, diesel, LPG and other products to meet wider industry needs. Galileo also makes it possible to transport gases efficiently and conveniently.

  • Nitrogen Purging Services & N2/He Leak Testing

    We provide a range of nitrogen purging solutions and leak testing services for product installation at offshore pipelines. These are widely used in petrochemical, LNG, refineries and power generation plants. Leak testing is also a crucial process that needs to be applied promptly to detect potential hazards.

  • Ventilator System: Uni-Life 100

    Uni-Life 100, the Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation System has been specifically developed by MMO, to aid African authorities in their efforts to provide mass treatment to patients across the continent who are displaying COVID-19-related symptoms.

  • Buoyancy Solutions

    MMO offers open and enclosed salvage bags in sizes from a few hundred kilos up to 50t capacity. All Seaflex water bags, whether parachute-style Air Lift Bags or enclosed Inflatable Buoyancy Units (also known as salvage pontoons) are available for either rental or purchase throughout Africa.

  • Load Testing Solutions

    Our water-filled weights for crane load testing are available with testing capacities ranging from 1-tonne to 110-tonnes. Continued development to address today‘s challenges while established in the principles of 30 years of manufacturing experience, our water-filled weights are built with high-performance structural fabrics and highly engineered for the purpose.

  • CNG - LNG

    MMO is the sole distributor for Galileo Technologies for the South African market. For more than thirty years, Galileo Technologies have developed goods and services destined to make the production, transport and consumption of natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen economically viable.

Leading supplier of Diving and Industrial Gases, Gas Storage Equipment, Portable Gas Filling Plants
and LNG-CNG Equipment to the oil and gas industry.